WWE Hall of Fame 2019 Legacy inductees

Meet World Wrestling Entertainment Hall Fame 2019 Legacy inductees.

Bruiser Brody

Bruiser Brody, he likes a rough a lot. The formidable Bruiser Brody intimidated rivals throughout the North American territories. Trained under the illustrious. Brody’s wrecking ball offense left no doubt why he was branded, bruiser.

Jim Barnett

Promoting Maverick Jim Barnett led sports entertainment territories to prominence in Indianapolis, Georgia and even Australia. Barnet was also the first to ink a television deal for sports entertainment. Signaling a monumental shift in the industry, becoming a principal advisor to World Championship Wrestling & World Wrestling Entertainment. He remains a highly esteemed figure in sports entertainment history.

Hisashi Shinma

Mister Shinma was President of the World Wrestling Federation. Instrumental in bringing superstars from Japan into World Wrestling Entertainment. Mr. Shinma played a pivotal role in brokering the global superstar’s fight between Antonio Inoki & Muhammad Ali. Hisashi Shinma established himself as an international ambassador for sports entertainment.

Luna Vachon

Luna Vachon was indeed one of a kind in an era of prominent female superstars. She was the goddess of the square circle. Daughter to Paul the Butcher Vachon. Luna Vachon debuted at WrestleMania IX, alongside the show stopper Shawn Michaels. But it was Luna who typically stole the show as one of the visually striking superstars of all time.

Buddy Rose

“Playboy” Buddy Rose was deceptively agile in the ring and on the scale. Rose competed in championship matches throughout the 80s against the likes of Bob Backlund and Pedro Morales. But it was his appearances in the 90s that blew everyoneaway.

Primo Carnera

Primo Carnera was a world heavyweight champion boxer of the 1930s. Defeating the likes of Jack Sharkey while going toe-to-toe with legendary Joe Lewis. Primo instantly become a sports entertainment sensation in the 1940s. And he took an incredible 143-1-1 record into a high profile match with Lou Thesz.

Toru Tanaka

Professor Toru Tanaka was a master of the Judo martial arts. But he was best known for his evil antics. Once Tanaka threw salt in the eyes of the referee. He would achieve immense success in the tag team division, uniting with Mr. Fuji. Toru Tanaka & Mr. Fuji went on to win the record three tag team championships as a tandem by 1997.

SD Jones

Special Delivery Jones is perhaps one of World Wrestling Entertainment’s most underrated workhorse of the 70s & 80s. Sporting a unique Caribbean flair & exemplifying won’t back down attitude. Fans across America adored SD Jones for his desire to leave everything he had in the ring. For WWE latest updates visit https://wwe-news.com

Wahoo McDaniel

Anybody who gets in there with Wahoo walked out of that ring, & they had dents in their armors. Wahoo McDaniel is notorious for hitting as hard as a squared circle as on the gridiron. He played alongside NFL greats Joe Namath & Larry Csonka during the 1960s. Wahoo transitioned fully into sports entertainment in 1968 and amassed several championships during his illustrious career.

Joe Cohen

Joe Cohen has remained an unsung hero in the creation of what we now know as the WWE Universe. A multimedia mogul & sports entertainment visionary for over 40 years. Mr. Cohen was the driving force behind the creation of Madison Square Garden Network & the USA Network. It was Joe Cohen who not only built the platform but also fostered a partnership with WWE that was instrumental in launching sports entertainment programming into the mainstream.